Thank you to everyone that attended our July 2016 TeachMeet at Linden Bridge School on Monday 4th July. Many thanks to our speakers too who helped make it such a successful event. Below you will find the links to the Presentations

An Introduction to Numicon                                                               Ros Stansbury
Auditory Actions                                                                                    Catherine Routley
What is the Cygnet parenting programme?                                     Jeannette Clark
How to write a Comic Strip                                                                 Mandy Pitts
How to build independence in a vocational area                            Janine Garth

Active Reading                                                                                      Sally Markwell
Working with a Pupil in Reception with ASD in mainstream     Sarah Roberts
The Supported Employability Scheme                                             Sharon Crawley
Maths in SEN                                                                                         Gemma Godfroy
SEND Teaching School – Who are we?                                            Vicky Jones
Reading using PECS                                                                             Louise Boardman
Singing warm ups to increase motivation                                        Lesley Gladigau

Using the incredible 5 point scale                                                      Marie O’Rourke
Positive Autism Support & Training                                                  Laura Kerbey
Restoring calm through visuals                                                          Clare Radcox
Developing Literacy at School                                                            Stacy Ladbrook
What is Attention Autism?                                                                  Mandy Young
The Rights Respecting Schools Award                                             Emma Spillane

We are looking forward to holding the next event mid-January 2017, so if you would like to do a 2, 3 or 5 minute presentation sharing useful tips and knowledge, or know of a colleague who excels, please do get in touch and let us know.